Import Clearance Services
    • Receiving mate's receipt
    • Receiving import documents from your firm
    • Determination of custom tariff number
    • Receiving and following quota
    • Registering customs declaration and following formalities
    • Receiving guaranty letter or blocked cheques
    • Delivering goods whose clearance formalities are over to your storage
    • Calculating cost
    • Electronically archiving
    • Issuing control certificate
    • Issuing ''certificate of permit processing in side ''and investment intensive certificate
    • Releasing guaranty letter. 
Export Clearance Services
    • Invoicing
    • Arranging customs declaration
    • ATR, EUR1; Arranging certificate of origin etc and certifying them by Trade chamber
   • Certifying by Exporter Unions
    • Following certificate of clearance outward
    • Closing customs declarations
    • Following period in temporary outgoings
    • Delivering documents
» Transit Trade
» Consultancy of customs regulations
» Inward processing
» Outward processing
» Free zone
» Exemption from customs taxes
» Private storehouse (Fictive)
» Temporary import
» Customs storehouse
» Returned goods
» Post customs formalities
    • To make certificate issued by the Ministry of Health
    • To make certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
    • Formalities before the Ministry of Industry
    • Services related to TSE (Turkish Standards Institute)
    • Organization of sea, air, land and railway services
    • Formalities in Trade Chamber, recording membership to Exporter Unions etc.
» The documents necessary to import and export are as follows:
It is necessary that those documents should be original of certified by Notary Public and with new date.
- Trade Registration Gazette,
- Signature circular,
- Copy of Identification Cards of authorized signatories (It is not photocopy of identification card)
- Tax liability writing (it is not tax board. It is necessary to take it from tax department),
- Copy of record of registration of chamber,
- Power of attorney, two counterparts, certified by Notary Public