About Us
Our firm started to operate its activities in 1985 as a result of experience collections obtained in the sector since 1981 and is giving services with our industrious and self sacrifice experiences in their occupation in all custom offices in Bursa and Izmir in accordance with principles of honesty and service in good quality. Together with custom consultants, deputy custom consultants, graduates from custom academy and other personnel experienced in their subjects and bound to ethic values of occupation of custom undersecretariat our firm gives services with complete team working, produces correct solutions suitable to update regulations with reliability, professionalism, speed and service understanding in good quality and endeavors to give service to our customers in the best way.
It is given great importance document transformation after implementing import and export formalities in our firm. It is shown necessary sensitivity in order to facilitate costs and other elements by implementing document transformation just after active import and to benefit from VAT in relevant month by implementing follow up necessary to deliver counterparts of export firm after active export. In our firms it is given great importance to the regulations, changes are followed in every day regularly and our customers are informed immediately.
1. Reliability
2. Great quality in service
3. Speed
4. Customer satisfaction
Our vision: in order to provide to implement export and import formalities more healthily and productively in preliminary preparation, follow up and application phases, we aim at concluding formalities in the shortest period and in the safest manner by representing our company before official organizations in the best way within the framework of legal rules. Our service understanding: it is not to give good service to import and export of the goods coming to customs but to give complete and correct service during the process form feasibility phase to final destination.
The firm uses modern technology in its activities. It examines, criticizes, evaluates, improves, renews and competes itself continuously. It cares that its personnel are honest, concordantly, industrious and creative. It gives importance to training. It applies systematic training programs to its personnel. It does not waste any resources. It complies with sawing principles. It gives importance to regional organization, autonomic management and centralized inspection. It implements legal, administrative and financial obligations predicted by the Codes completely. It complies with ethic principles of work and society. It appreciates and respects its customers. It has responsibility of its services. It promises what it can do only. It realizes more than its promises every time. It contacts with its customers continuously, fast and healthily. It is aware that happiness of its current customers should continue in order to gain new customers. It densely endeavors that their customers say "To make work with Tuna is simple, easy and secure". It is both cautious and go-getter in service that it fives to its customers. Its primary principle is to give services to its customers in high and organized quality. It gives priority to "urgent works" of its customers. It never makes concession from its quality under any circumstances. It keeps information of its customers confidential, necessary to be kept confidentially.